Mayor of Pamplona Voices Support for Anti-Bullfighting Protesters!

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After activists made a dramatic stand against the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona this week, the city’s mayor, Joseba Asirón, voiced support for the protest.

Describing the striking demonstration by PETA and AnimaNaturalis as “fair and honest”, the mayor spoke to reporters about the future of the San Fermín festival, where every year, 54 bulls are run through the city streets before being slaughtered in the bullring:

[T]his is a debate that sooner or later we will have to put on the table. For a very simple reason, and that is that basing the festival on the suffering of a living being, in the 21st century, is something that, at best, we have to rethink.

The Running of the Bulls event at the San Fermín festival should be relegated to the history books. What many tourists may not know is that after the run, the bulls endure prolonged and painful deaths in the town’s bullring. Each bull is taunted and speared over and over again, before a matador stabs the weakened, bleeding animal with a sword, posing over his dying body.

The promising statement from Pamplona’s mayor echoes the opinion of the majority of Spanish people, who do not support bullfighting. So far, more than 100 Spanish cities and towns have banned bullfighting, and more are poised to follow their lead.

Help end the torture of bulls throughout the rest of Spain by asking Spanish mayors – including the mayor of Pamplona – to ban bullfights in their towns: