Missing: Charlie, 2 Days Old! Can You Help?

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Charlie is missing! He was torn away from his mother by strangers with evil intentions. Can you help save him? Please read on.

This coming week marks National Dairy Week (3 to 9 February), during which milk-touting companies try to portray as idyllic the life of a cow used for her milk. What they won’t be telling you, of course, is that calves like Charlie are torn away from their mothers within one to two days of being born – a separation so traumatic that the mother cow and her calf whimper for days afterwards. Many male calves are either shot (because they are of no use to the dairy industry) or sent to veal farms in Europe, where they are immobilised and confined in tiny stalls and can never in their short lives graze outside. Female calves replace their mothers in the cycle of forced pregnancy, over-milking, birth and traumatic separation.
Far from being “good for you” as the dairy industry would have you believe, dairy milk has been linked to cancer, juvenile-onset diabetes and many other diseases, and it contains large amounts of fat and cholesterol – and often traces of blood and pus from infected teats. Delicious milk alternatives are available in all major supermarkets. Please ditch the dairy products during National Dairy Week – for your health and for Charlie.

We want you to take a stand during National Dairy Week. For just one week, join us in posting Charlie’s ad as your Facebook profile picture. This will help spread the word and educate others. You can get the image here. Post a comment on our Charlie photo to show us that you’re against cruelty to animals.