Chained PETA ‘Monkeys’ Dump Coconuts at Whole Foods

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Three PETA “monkeys” in prisoner garb dumped wheelbarrows of humanely picked coconuts outside the Whole Foods Market store on Kensington High Street. The action slammed the supermarket giant for continuing to sell coconut milk from Thailand, where monkeys are chained and imprisoned for coconuts. Whole Foods refuses to cut ties with the country’s coconut industry despite knowing full well that it’s driven by the forced labour of endangered pig-tailed macaques.

The protest, featuring activists holding signs and dressed as chained “monkeys”, is PETA’s latest action urging the supermarket to distance itself from the appalling cruelty involved in forced monkey labour.

False Promises

Despite claims from Thai government officials that forced monkey labour has ended, PETA Asia’s third investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry recorded workers confirming that monkeys are abducted as babies from their families and forest homes.

The animals are tethered by the neck and deprived of any semblance of a natural life, and their teeth may be pulled out if they try to defend themselves. PETA Asia’s investigators found that when the monkeys aren’t being forced to pick coconuts or perform in cruel, circus-style shows for tourists, they’re kept chained to old tyres or boxes.

Complicit in Cruelty

By continuing to sell coconut milk from Thailand, Whole Foods is complicit in the abuse of monkeys and wilfully propping up an industry that kidnaps sentient beings, chains them, and treats them as nothing more than coconut-picking machines.

PETA is calling on Whole Foods to live up to its values and sell coconut milk only from countries where monkey labour isn’t used, including India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Take Action Now

Now that HelloFresh has banned Thai coconut milk from its meal-kit service, it’s time for Whole Foods to follow suit and take this product of suffering off its shelves.

Please join the campaign by sending Whole Foods a message now: