Morrissey: Be a Thorn in the Side of Fortnum & Mason

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On Morrissey’s birthday this Wednesday, he was the one giving a present – to geese, that is. The legendary rocker posted a stirring message on his website, slamming the torture of birds for the production of foie gras. When it comes to this cruel product, he won’t rest until he knows it’s over.

Morrissey The ex-Smiths singer, who is now as famous for his compassion for animals as he is for his thoughtful lyrics, congratulated Prince Charles for banishing foie gras from his functions but let rip at Fortnum & Mason for continuing to profit from a product that is made by violently force-feeding geese with metal pipes until their livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size. “Foie gras production is illegal in the UK, yet the ever-so-correct Fortnum and Mason have found suppliers in France who will keep their shelves stocked …”, he writes.

Morrissey is certainly not alone in abhorring foie gras. Sir Roger Moore, Chrissie Hynde, Pamela Anderson and Brigitte Bardot have all gotten on board with the campaign asking Fortnum & Mason to ditch the horrific substance.

Here’s the call to action he sent to his fans:

Morrissey's message

Thank you, Morrissey, for helping to spread the message about vile foie gras!

Join him in saying, “Viva Compassion!” Please keep reminding Fortnum & Mason on Twitter and Facebook that selling foie gras is unacceptable. And if you haven’t already, it takes just a few minutes to send a message to the company online – take action at this link:

Image: Charlie LLewellin / CC BY SA-2.0