Pamela Anderson Loves Britain – but She Hates Foie Gras

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Pamela Anderson, who recently graced our screens in Dancing on Ice, has fired off a letter to Fortnum & Mason urging the retailer to stop selling vile foie gras.

“I am pretty tough”, she wrote, “but watching this disgusting process brought me to tears”.

The blonde bombshell was understandably distressed after seeing video footage of ducks flapping in pain and trying to lift their heads after their throats had been slit on foie gras farms that supply Fortnum & Mason – one of the few British stores that still stocks this revolting product.

Pamela Anderson to Ewan Venters - Foie Gras is Nor Pretty

Pam has a long history of working with PETA to help animals, so she immediately sprang into action and wrote to Fortnum & Mason’s CEO, Ewan Venters, to ask him how his company can profit from such unimaginable cruelty. “My ice skating may not have won a popularity contest in Britain, but I love the U.K. and its reputation as a nation that opposes cruelty to animals. That’s why I’m stunned that Fortnum & Mason sells a product that involves one of the cruellest practices in the world”, she explained.

She’s not alone in feeling sickened by foie gras. A veritable horde of celebrities have expressed their horror that it’s still being sold in the UK, including Sir Roger Moore, Twiggy, Ricky Gervais, Geezer Butler and Bill Oddie, as well as tens of thousands of members of the public who don’t agree with painfully force-feeding ducks until their livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size. After all, foie gras production is so cruel that it’s actually illegal here in the UK – so what’s the product still doing on the shelves of a British store such as Fortnum & Mason?

UPDATE: 10 February, 2021:

Following our decade-long campaign, high-end department store Fortnum & Mason has made the decision to stop selling cruelly produced foie gras. Read more about the victory here and sign our petition to urge the government to uphold the UK’s animal welfare standards by banning the importation and sale of foie gras: