PETA Urges MPs to Support a Ban on Animal Testing

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PETA has urged MPs to attend the forthcoming parliamentary debate on animal testing, which will take place on Monday, 25 October, and to speak in favour of a ban.

The debate is the result of a petition that gained more than 235,000 signatures from the public calling for an end to animal experiments and greater support for scientists to implement advanced non-animal methods.

Following the significant news from the European Parliament last month that MEPs supported an action plan to phase out experiments on animals and accelerate the transition to non-animal methods, it is crucial the UK does not fall behind international developments in science and animal welfare.

Animal Testing Is Cruel and Ineffective

The current research system is broken. The failure rate of new drugs in human studies is about 95% – despite these drugs showing success in animal experiments. Here are a few examples of failure rates for specific health problems:
• Alzheimer’s disease: 99.6%
• Cancer: 96.6%
• HIV/AIDS vaccine: 100%
• Strokes: 100%

Animals are being exploited and abused in experiments riddled with problems.

There’s a Better Way

Animal tests are ineffective, and PETA scientists have come up with a better approach, outlined in our Research Modernisation Deal.

PETA’s Research Modernisation Deal maps out a strategy for ending the use of animals in biomedical research and regulatory testing and highlights the economic, public health, and animal welfare benefits of developing and applying state-of-the-art, human-relevant approaches.

How You Can Help

There’s still time to ask your MP to attend the forthcoming parliamentary debate and show support for a ban on animal testing:

You can also show support for an end to all animal testing by signing our petition urging the government to mandate an end to all experiments on animals: