Will This Naked, ‘Bleeding’ Activist Persuade Hermès to Ditch Reptile Skins?

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Last week, a shocking PETA US investigation revealed how live reptiles are sawn open on farms that supply “luxury” retailer Hermès.

This week, one bold activist made a memorable statement outside the Hermès store at The Royal Exchange in London to highlight the cruelty that goes into making Kelly and Birkin bags.


Naked, body-painted like a crocodile and lying in a pool of “blood”, Harriet, a PETA supporter, made sure nobody could miss her protest. She says:

After watching PETA US’ footage showing the abuse and pain endured by crocodiles and alligators before they’re killed for Hermès, I knew I had to do something. This kind of cruelty can never be justified in the name of fashion.



PETA US’ investigator visited farms in Zimbabwe and Texas that supply crocodile and alligator skins to Hermès-owned tanneries. The investigator found that reptiles were trapped in barren and severely crowded pits. One farm manager sawed open alligators’ necks – the animals were still moving minutes after the crude attempt to slaughter them.

Here’s the harrowing video:

We’re calling on Hermès to stop profiting from these animals’ miserable lives and deaths by taking exotic skins off its shelves for good.

Please join us by sending a message to the store today: