New Look and Forever 21 Ban Angora!

Posted by on January 13, 2014 | Permalink

New year, new fashion season – and for conscientious companies, new policies that put animals first!

New Look and Forever 21 have both just introduced bans on angora after having been contacted by PETA and our international affiliates. “We have ceased future production of all products containing angora”, New Look said in a media statement, while Forever 21 made a similar commitment. This excellent news means that no rabbits will be caged, violently mistreated or killed on Chinese farms for any of their clothing or accessories.

Many of the UK’s biggest brands have taken steps to dissociate themselves from angora, after undercover video footage shot inside Chinese angora farms revealed that workers violently rip the hair from the rabbits’ sensitive skin as they scream at the top of their lungs in pain.

Watch the video here. The campaign against angora is making a huge difference on the ground. As one farmer explained, “Our [angora wool] export is mostly to Europe. After this incident, our orders decreased by 30 percent”. Despite these victories, though, angora bunnies still need your help – because THIS is still going on at many Chinese farms:

Take the pledge never to wear angora, and if you see angora on sale anywhere, please have a polite word with the manager, explaining why exploiting rabbits for their wool is wrong. Consumer pressure is immensely powerful at persuading businesses to do right by animals, so thank you for all your actions so far!