New Video Shows Wool-Industry Workers Cutting, Punching, and Stamping on Sheep

Posted by on December 14, 2017 | Permalink

A PETA Asia video exposé of the wool industry in Australia – the world’s biggest wool exporter – shows workers violently punching sheep in the face, stamping and standing on their heads and necks, and beating them and jabbing them in the face with electric clippers.

The eyewitness also documented that animals were left with large, bloody wounds, which workers stitched closed using a needle and thread and without administering any pain relief. The exposé highlights just some of the abusive practices observed at each of the four shearing sheds visited in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s top wool-producing states.

When PETA exposed rampant cruelty in shearing sheds across Australia in 2014, the video evidence resulted in landmark convictions of shearers on charges of cruelty to animals. At the time, the wool industry even said the abuse must stop immediately – but this most recent exposé shows nothing has changed.

When you buy wool, you can almost never be sure of its origin or know what cruelty has been inflicted upon the sheep it was taken from. But when these gentle, inquisitive, and sensitive animals are treated as a commodity, you can be sure they suffer along the way.