On the Nose: Why Is PETA Against Breeding Bulldogs?

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While humans can choose to change the shape of their nose for cosmetic or medical reasons, breathing-impaired breeds (BIB) of dogs (and cats) cannot. English bulldogs, French bulldogs, pugs, and other BIBs are deliberately bred to have flat faces and squashed, almost non-existent noses – a look that’s killing them.

We’ve placed the billboard in Birmingham because Brummies are reportedly most likely to seek out cosmetic surgery like a nose job, compared to the rest of the UK. Now passers-by will hopefully think twice about buying from breeders dogs who might require a costly operation to stay alive.

No Nose Jobs for Dogs

Humans can reshape their nose however they want, but it’s cruel to purposely breed dogs with near non-existent noses, condemning them to a lifetime of panting and gasping for air and an early grave.

Many flat-faced dog breeds – like bulldogs and pugs – can barely breathe, let alone enjoy a walk or chase a ball. These dogs endure miserable lives. Veterinarians across the country are performing costly operations to expand the animals’ airways and make their lives a little more bearable, but surgery won’t completely eliminate their suffering. The only solution is to stop breeding flat-faced dogs altogether.

PETA encourages Brummies and everyone else to adopt animal companions from their local shelter and turn their noses up at breeders who profit from churning out miserable, unhealthy animals who struggle to breathe.

‘Breathing Through a Straw’

The snorting, snoring, and noisy breathing common among BIBs is due to an uncomfortable, debilitating, and sometimes fatal condition called brachycephalic syndrome. These dogs often have to breathe through their mouth since they can’t draw enough air into their narrow nostrils. It’s like “trying to breathe through a really narrow straw”, according to Dr Myfanwy Hill, a veterinary surgeon who works at the University of Cambridge.

Not ‘Typical’ Dogs

A report by the Royal Veterinary College concluded that some flat-faced breeds, including pugs, can no longer be classified as “typical” dogs due to the health problems caused by their abnormally flat faces.

Take Action for Dogs

A number of countries – including the Netherlands and Norway – have taken action to prevent the suffering of these dogs by banning or restricting the breeding of certain BIBs. Meanwhile in the UK, the ridiculous dog “beauty” pageant Crufts continues to celebrate and perpetuate the abusive dog-breeding industry. Please urge Channel 4 to stop broadcasting this grotesque pageant of cruelty.