Not Just a Haircut: French Group Takes Government to Court As Rabbits’ Hair Is Still Ripped Out for Angora

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French animal rights group One Voice is taking France’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food to court for its implicit refusal to prohibit the cruel practice of “live-plucking” angora rabbits.

These gentle rabbits, whose long, soft fur is used for jumpers, hats, gloves, and more, were once forgotten victims of the fashion industry. Most angora comes from rabbits on Chinese factory farms, and PETA Asia’s eyewitness footage from inside the facilities – showing angora rabbits screaming as workers tied them down and ripped out their fur – sent shockwaves through the clothing trade and the marketplace.

Harrowing scenes closely resembling practices documented by PETA Asia on angora farms in China were found at French facilities, too. Shocking footage released by One Voice was filmed on six angora farms in France between February and July 2016 and reveals heartbreaking abuse of terrified rabbits.

As the videos went viral, stunned retailers quickly agreed to meet with PETA affiliates. Most brands – including Calvin Klein, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, and Topshop – rapidly dropped angora from their clothing lines.

Additional images captured by One Voice in 2018 show that since then, nothing has changed for rabbits on farms in France. The group is set to challenge the Ministry of Agriculture and Food before the Council of State for its implicit refusal to prohibit the practice of live-plucking. The hearing will take place on 7 June at 2 pm local time at the Council of State in Paris.

What You Can Do

French fashion brand American Vintage claims that “kindness” is one of its core values, yet it continues to sell clothes made of angora.  PETA France has informed the retailer about the cruelty inherent in angora production, but it has yet to take any steps towards banning it.

Please take a moment to call on American Vintage to pledge not to use angora in future collections and to wish One Voice good luck in its upcoming hearing: