Olivia Bowen and Belle Hassan Urge Jet2holidays to Break Up With Marine Parks

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Love Island’s Olivia Bowen and Belle Hassan have called out Jet2holidays in a new video for PETA. The stars urged the ITV dating show’s sponsor to couple up with compassion and stop selling tickets to marine parks that exploit orcas and other dolphins.

The video features footage of orcas forced to perform tricks in tiny tanks in Tenerife’s Loro Parque. It comes in the wake of the death of yet another captive orca – Moana, aged 12 – who was imprisoned at Marineland in Antibes, France, a facility Jet2holidays also promotes.

Blake Max

Blake Max

“It’s Giving… Cruelty”

Orcas in nature form complex relationships, work cooperatively to find food, and can traverse up to 150 miles of ocean a day. However, those at marine parks are housed in cramped tanks around 10,000 times smaller than their natural home range.

Imprisoned for years or even decades, they’re forced to perform confusing tricks for tourists. The majority die far short of their natural life expectancy, as recently seen with twelve-year-old Moana.

Why is Jet2holidays a Red Flag?

Jet2holidays is one of the last remaining travel providers to profit from orca abuse.

“By promoting these facilities, you are sentencing orcas and other dolphins to a lifetime of suffering. It’s giving … cruelty.”
– Belle Hassan

Most leading companies, including Expedia, Thomas Cook, British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic Holidays, and Club Med, have long since ended the promotion of dolphin prisons.

Olivia, who calls marine parks her “biggest ick”, pleads: “Stop selling tickets to attractions that use orcas and other dolphins for entertainment.”

Join the Campaign

Bowen and Hassan join over 45,000 PETA supporters, including fellow Love Island star Faye Winter and singer Morrissey, who have urged Jet2holidays to drop marine parks from its itineraries.

PETA US previously bought shares in the company in order to put pressure on decision-makers in the boardroom, and last month, a PETA US representative spoke at Jet2’s annual meeting, calling on the company to cut ties with facilities that keep orcas and other dolphins in watery prisons.

Join the campaign and urge Jet2holidays to stop promoting and selling tickets to marine parks now: