Owls Don’t Belong in Nightclubs

Posted by on February 26, 2015 | Permalink

Barn Owl_miniNews that a pop-up “owl bar” – at which live owls would be handled by cocktail-sipping members of the public – is supposed to be coming to London in March has rightly been met with outrage by everyone who cares about animals’ well-being.

Animals and clubs or cafés don’t mix. The loud music and bright lights at nightclubs are extremely stressful to animals. It would be hard to think of a more frightening experience for owls, who have especially acute hearing and vision, than to be surrounded by intoxicated, caterwauling humans at a bar.

The notion of raising money to protect owls in nature – which is what part of the proceeds will supposedly go towards – by terrifying owls in captivity is absurd. The kindest place for owl enthusiasts to admire these birds is in their natural environment, not at a London nightspot where they’re used as props or playthings.

Most wild animals used for tacky PR stunts are carted from venue to venue and forced to live inside small cages for the majority of their days. They are often victims of harsh, abusive training methods, and when they are no longer useful or get too big, many of them end up abandoned or sold to the highest bidder. It adds nothing to a night out to gawk at terrified animals, but for the animals, it’s a living nightmare.

Speaking out against such cruel attractions can often be highly effective. Just last week, Paris’ five-star Hôtel Plaza Athénée promised never to use live animals again after hearing from PETA France.

If you ever learn of any planned event involving live animals, please contact the organisers and ask them to change their plans. Let us know as well by e-mailing [email protected].