Sir Roger Moore Says, ‘Foie Gras Is Cruel, Not Yule’

Posted by on December 24, 2010 | Permalink

First he persuaded Selfridges that foie gras was one of the most cruelly produced foods in the world and that they should remove it from their shelves. Then he convinced Harvey Nichols that the stuff was torture in a tin, and they agreed to pull it from their restaurants in the new year. So with that track record, when a letter from Sir Roger Moore arrived on the desk of the Fortnum & Mason Managing Director Beverley Aspinall, she can’t have thought that if she ignored it, Sir Roger might go away.

Sir Roger, staying true to the pledge he made in his letter to Ms Aspinall, is taking his boycott of the department store to the public. With PETA’s help, he has placed an ad in one of London’s busiest tube stations, Piccadilly Circus, alerting the public to Fortnum & Mason’s continued sale of this product, which is so cruel it is illegal to produce in the UK. The ad will be seen by literally hundreds of thousands of tube passengers over Christmas and New Year – Fortnum & Mason’s busiest season. And with PETA supporters leafleting outside, it won’t be a Merry Christmas for Fortnum & Mason whilst they continue to sell foie gras. Please support Sir Roger in his efforts to stop ducks and geese from having to face the horrors of force-feeding. Contact Fortnum & Mason and urge them to stop selling and serving foie gras!