Campaign Update: Pamela Anderson Urges the Spanish Senate to Reject Bullfighting Bill

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Baywatch star teams up with PETA again

Pamela Anderson has just appealed to the Spanish Senate urging it to reject a bill to protect bullfighting and grant it cultural heritage status. The disgraceful proposal is currently under consideration by the Senate and has been opposed by hundreds  of thousands of compassionate people both in Spain and internationally.

“Tormenting bulls for entertainment belongs to the Dark Ages, not the 21st century”, writes the former Baywatch star, who visited Spain last month. “Please take a compassionate stance against this cruel pastime by rejecting the bill to protect bullfighting. I guarantee that you will win the hearts, including mine, of citizens around the world.”

Experts and Animal Welfare Organisations Drive the Message Home

Today, representatives from a coalition of animal welfare organisations (of which PETA is a member) met with Spanish senators to hand over a letter denouncing the proposed law. In September, we already presented politicians in Madrid with 250,000 signatures from people in more than 135 countries who oppose bullfighting.

Love Spain Hate Bullfights banner in Spanish Senate

An accompanying letter, signed by 140 scientists and academics, points out that promoting animal abuse has a negative effect on the whole of society, raising concerns about how bullfights can desensitise children to violence. “Culture stops where cruelty starts”, as Spanish activist Marta Esteban Miñano explains.

Opposition to bullfighting is overwhelming, both in Spain and internationally. Enshrining this atrocity would sanction cruelty and do a great disservice to Spain’s compassionate majority, who want nothing to do with this barbaric pastime, much less for their taxes to be spent on propping it up.

Our campaign against the so-called “sport” is gaining momentum. Public pressure has led the Association of British Travel Agents, which is responsible for 90 per cent of UK foreign holiday packages, to launch its first animal welfare charter, which describes bullfights and bull-running fiestas as “unacceptable practices”.

Watch This Space The Spanish Senate’s vote is expected to take place on either 5 to 6 or 19 to 20 November. Stay tuned for updates – and thank you to everyone who wrote to the Spanish Embassy with the powerful “Love Spain Hate Bullfights” message.

If you haven’t already spoken out against this abhorrent bill, please join Pamela and thousands of other here:

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