Parliament’s Fur Robes Are Royally Ugly

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© iStockPhoto / mihailzhukov

Baroness Lola Young wants the House of Lords to elect faux fur to Parliament. The baroness led a debate in the House of Lords last week to ask Her Majesty’s government what plans it has to support and promote ethical and sustainable clothing.

Prior to the debate, PETA shared with the baroness information about the fur industry and noted that the overwhelming majority of British people are opposed to real fur – 95 percent according to a 2010 poll. Pointing out that, as representatives of the people, peers should reflect their values, the baroness urged her fellow peers to abandon ceremonial robes trimmed with ermine or rabbit fur and opt for faux fur instead.

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PETA’s campaign against the royally cruel fur trade is still going strong. If you haven’t already, please sign the pledge that says you will go fur-free forever.