Paul McCartney’s New Music Video Calls For End to Tests on Animals

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Beatles legend Paul McCartney just dropped a new music video – an animated PETA video for his 1993 protest song and anti-vivisection anthem, “Looking for Changes”.

The tune was donated to PETA’s campaign to push for an end to experiments using animals.

McCartney says of the video:

“I’m looking for changes that will continue the momentum of getting animals out of laboratories. Experiments on animals are unethical – they’re a colossal failure and a waste of time and money. We can and must do better.”

Evidence published in The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) demonstrates that 90% of basic research – most of which involves experiments on animals – doesn’t lead to treatments for humans.

95% of all new drugs that test safe and effective on animals fail in human trials, either because they simply don’t work or because they cause adverse effects.

Despite this, experimenters still receive grants to test on animals and companies still conduct or commission them as well.

Across the UK, millions of animals are locked inside cages, poisoned, burned, cut open, emotionally traumatised, and infected with diseases.

Mouse in Gloved Hand

Few experiments – no matter how painful or irrelevant – are prohibited by law, and almost all animals used in tests are later killed.

What You Can Do

PETA scientists are working hard to end cruel experiments in the EU, and you can help move us one step closer to this goal by urging the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency not to allow animal testing for cosmetics ingredients.

Please also make a make a donation today to help end animal testing: