Perth & Kinross Council Save Amphibians From Being Washed Down the Drain

Posted by on August 28, 2012 | Permalink

Saving wildlife sometimes requires novel ideas. That’s exactly what the Perth & Kinross Council has come up with in response to survey findings which showed that 63 per cent of the drainage gullies in the council area contained some form of wildlife, the majority being amphibians.

Their solution? A specially designed kerb which contains recesses that give animals a leg up by allowing them to follow the lower edge of a kerb while keeping clear of drains. Frogs, newts and toads will be jumping for joy as the new kerbs are tested at a site on Elm Drive in Blairgowrie.

Perth & Kinross Council is setting a great example for others to follow, and that’s why PETA is recognising them with a Proggy Award. PETA’s Proggy Awards are presented to people, companies and organisations that exemplify animal-friendly progress in culture and commerce

Although frogs and toads might not be considered as cute and cuddly as cats and dogs are, science shows that they are no different from their furry counterparts when it comes to feeling pain and fear – or the stress and trauma of being washed away from their natural environment. In the wild, frogs are devoted parents who spend their time foraging for food, jumping, swimming and exploring.