Big Heart for Mice: How Pest Proof London Earned a PETA Award

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A Compassionate Business Award is on its way from PETA to Pest Proof London for having a big heart for small animals. The company’s humane rodent-control services include catching – and carefully releasing – any mice or rats found in a home or business and sealing all points of entry so that the animals can’t return, with a 12-month guarantee.

Pest Proof London CEO Lee Stewart explains:

“After seeing first-hand how rats suffer and die as a result of glue traps, steel traps, and poison, we started rethinking the process, and we offer an effective no-kill proofing solution that does not harm rats. Our hope is for this business model to become the norm, to replace outdated, cruel, and ineffective traditional animal control methods.”

What’s Wrong With Glue Traps?

Killing mice doesn’t address the source of the problem – more mice simply move in to take the place of those who have been killed – and is exceedingly cruel.

Animals caught in glue traps can struggle to escape the strong adhesive for days, often breaking their bones and ripping flesh, fur, or feathers off their bodies in the process, and some even chew off their own limbs in an attempt to escape.

Poison affects rodents’ nervous systems and causes violent convulsions before victims finally succumb to the effects of the toxin.

Preventing and Dealing With Unwanted Small Visitors

Prevention is the key to humane rodent control. It’s far kinder to mice and rats, and it’s the only way to keep these uninvited guests out of our homes in the long term.

Rodents are attracted to areas with adequate food sources and shelter. Keep counter surfaces, floors, and cabinets free of crumbs, and store dry food and companion animal food in chew-proof containers.

Securely seal rubbish bins, put away your animal companions’ leftover food at night, and do not feed wildlife.

Keep grass and vegetation trimmed and store outdoor furniture, barbecues, and wood piles away from buildings to reduce hiding places.

Prevent more rodents from entering by sealing cracks and gaps in walls and foundations and around windows and doors.

In you already have some unwanted visitors, you can catch them in humane traps and release them in nature without harming them. Check traps every hour and disable them when this isn’t possible. Make sure to scrub them thoroughly to remove all bait scent after use.

What You Can Do to Help Mice

Speak out if you see someone selling or using glue traps or other inhumane rodent-control measures. Your action can save lives.

If you find an animal stuck in a glue trap, please see our guide to find out how to help them.