PETA Adopts a Bear as a Wedding Gift for the Royal Couple

Posted by on April 28, 2011 | Permalink

PETA has sent Prince William and Kate Middleton a unique gift that we hope will give the Royal couple paws for thought: the adoption of an adult black bear named Mama Bear from Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, on the couple’s behalf.

In Canada, mother bears are routinely killed so that their skins can be fashioned into the ceremonial caps worn by The Queen’s Guards. Hunters often destroy entire families, as orphaned cubs, unable to fend for themselves, typically fall victim to predation or starve to death. Many bears who are killed for their fur are shot several times before they die. Some escape wounded only to die later from blood loss, gangrene, infection, starvation or dehydration. Other bears are caught in traps, where they can languish in agony for days.

We hope Will and Kate fall in love with this beautiful black bear and help everyone envision the coming day when Britain will no longer kill such magnificent bears for ceremonial caps.

Join a host of celebrities – including Twiggy, Sir Roger Moore, Michael Sheen, Ricky Gervais, Ricky Whittle, Julian Clary, Amanda Holden and wedding guest Joss Stone – and other compassionate people around the globe in calling for the Queen’s Guards’ caps to be fashioned from faux fur. Take action now.