UnBEARable Cruelty – The King’s Guard’s Caps Are Still Made Using the Fur of Slaughtered Bears

For each of the caps worn by the King’s Guard, a bear is cruelly killed by being shot or ensnared, sometimes for days, in a painful trap – and British people, a good 95% of whom object to killing animals for fur, are unwittingly paying for it through their taxes.

For nearly two centuries, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has waged war on black bears while doing almost nothing to further the search for materials to replace the use of their skins.

Now, PETA and luxury faux furrier ECOPEL have revealed the world’s first faux bear fur that is virtually indistinguishable from the real bearskins used to make the King’s Guard’s caps.

The MoD said it has five requirements for a faux-bearskin cap, and the ministry’s copyrighted tests and a fabric technologist with 25 years of experience confirm that ECOPEL’s faux bear fur meets them all. There’s no reason why the cruelly obtained fur used for the caps can’t be replaced with this viable option that’s fit for the 21st century.

Humane, Eco-Friendly Caps

The high-performing faux bear fur would retain the aesthetic of the iconic cap, giving a nod to tradition while preventing sensitive bears from being viciously slaughtered for their fur. It is also more eco-friendly. Real fur must be treated with toxic chemicals to prevent it from decomposing – in this case, on the guards’ heads. ECOPEL’s faux fur is produced in closed-loop factories, which means all water and chemicals used in the production of the faux fur are recycled.

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About the Bears

Canadian black bears are cruelly killed for their pelts by being shot or ensnared, sometimes for days, in painful traps. During hunts, as many as one bear in seven doesn’t die immediately after being shot. Some escape wounded and die slowly from blood loss or starvation. In some provinces of Canada, a spring hunt of bears is permitted, and mother bears seeking food for their cubs are often killed, leading to the demise of entire families.

Instead of financially supporting the shameful slaughter of bears, the UK should set a compassionate example by switching to ECOPEL’s humane and progressive alternative and committing to stopping the killing.

ECOPEL has offered to provide the MoD with unlimited free faux bear fur until 2030.

Celebrity Support

Celebrities, politicians, and influencers have joined PETA in speaking out for bears, including by signing our petition to the MoD. Over the years, figures as varied as Simon Pegg, Alesha Dixon, Morrissey, Tony Benn, the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, Stella McCartney, Jilly Cooper, Amanda Holden, Brian Sewell, Hayley Mills, Jerome Flynn, Pamela Anderson, Mary McCartney, Brett Anderson, Sadie Frost, Brooke Johnston, Siouxsie Sioux, Fernanda Tavares, Jeff Beck, Twiggy, Imogen Bailey, Julian Clary, Bea Arthur, Dame Vera Lynn, Sir Roger Moore, Ricky Gervais, Glenda Jackson, Michael Sheen, Kate Ford, Sadiq Khan, and former MPs Ian Cawsey and Norman Baker have all asked the MoD, the late Queen Elizabeth II, or His Majesty the King to replace the bearskins used for the Guard’s caps with a cruelty-free, modern material.

  • “The issue I am writing to you about today is not a laughing matter. . . . Won’t you please take the necessary steps to replace the bearskins used for the Guards’ caps with a synthetic material? I understand and appreciate the importance of uniforms, but continuing to use real fur in the 21st century is inexcusable, regardless of ‘tradition’.” – Ricky Gervais

  • “When [PETA] told me that black bears in my native Canada are still being killed to make the ceremonials hats worn by Your Majesty’s Household Guards, I was horrified.” – Pamela Anderson

  • “As an animal lover, I am saddened to know that bears are still being gunned down for the [King’s] Guard’s caps. Some traditions aren’t worth saving, and the Ministry of Defence can easily make the switch to cruelty-free faux fur, which is the kind thing to do and what the British public demands.”

    – Dame Vera Lynn

How the Campaign Started

In 2003, PETA Europe first asked the MoD to stop using bear pelts to make headpieces for the five Foot Guards regiments. The campaign has engaged celebrities, politicians, the public, and even former guards themselves. It has also involved fashion experts and innovators. For more than 15 years, PETA has worked with faux fur manufacturers to refine an exact replica material for the iconic bearskin caps as a humane alternative to the indefensible killing of black bears in Canada.

PETA Europe took the campaign to Parliament. Early Day Motion 1756 of 2005, signed by 207 MPs, stated that “this House recognises that the bearskin hats worn by the five guards regiments have no military significance and involve unnecessary cruelty; and invites the Government to end their use and substitute hats made from fake fur.” Among the supporters were Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan, Ann Widdecombe, Vince Cable, and Glenda Jackson.

A 2006 YouGov poll commissioned by PETA Europe found that nearly 80% of respondents were opposed to the use of taxpayers’ money to support the killing of Canadian black bears and fashion their skins into ceremonial caps. In the last seven years alone, the MoD has squandered more than £1 million of taxpayers’ money on doing this.

PETA UK supporters have also been involved in eye-catching demonstrations to keep the issue in the public eye, including staging a “die-in” to tell the naked truth about cruelty to bears and orchestrating a “21-bum salute” to the MoD in London.

PETA entities have been dedicated to encouraging King Charles, who speaks out about certain environmental issues, to take a stand against fur. PETA’s “bear” tailed the then–Prince of Wales at public engagements as an ambearsador for his Canadian cousins who are killed so that their skins can be made into caps.

PETA members wearing the costume also followed him to the US and Canada, where they attended public engagements in Washington and San Francisco with a sign reading, “God Save the Bears.” At Hanover Square in New York, Camilla, then the Duchess of Cornwall, accepted a “Bearskins Are for Bears, Not Guards” leaflet from the PETA “bear”. Back in the UK, during a royal visit to the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, His Royal Highness spoke with the “bear”, saying, “I recognise you! I’ve seen you in America!” And just a couple of days later in Bristol, he once again was approached and remarked, “My, you are being very persistent!”

In 2012, PETA’s biggest demonstration yet took place as hundreds of people marched through central London – some dressed as bears and others carrying teddy bears – to speak up for the beautiful bears cruelly killed for the caps and to send a clear message to the MoD that it’s time to relegate the use of bearskin to the history books. Beginning at Westminster Bridge and finishing at Marble Arch, participants covered 3 miles, with beloved twitcher Bill Oddie and actor Peter Egan at the head of the march.

What Can You Do?

PETA is calling on the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to stop using real bear fur for the ornamental headpieces worn by the King’s Guard and to have the ceremonial caps fashioned from luxurious faux fur instead. Join us: