PETA and ARAN Activists Warm Dublin’s Heart for Valentine’s Day

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Holding heart-shaped signs that read, “Ireland: Fur Out, Love In”, four sexy activists – two women wearing only red panties and spiked heels and two male “cupids” wearing only red boxer shorts and a pair of wings – led a protest held jointly by PETA and Irish group Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day. The amorous activists aimed to turn up the heat on the Minister of Agriculture to include a ban of fur farms in the impending Animal Welfare Bill.

PETA and ARAN activists in Dublin

“We’re bringing our big hearts and bare skin to beautiful Dublin with the message that animals are not ours to wear”, said PETA Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor. “By showing some of our skin, we hope to save animals’ skins and encourage Ireland to ban fur production once and for all.”

There are five remaining mink fur farms in Ireland. To cut costs, fur farmers pack animals into extremely small cages, preventing them from taking more than a few steps in any direction or doing anything that is natural and important to them, such as running, swimming, making nests and finding mates. The anguish and frustration of life in a cage leads many animals to pace frantically and circle endlessly, cannibalise their cagemates and self-mutilate, biting at their skin, tail and feet. Eventually, workers kill the terrified minks by gassing them. Take action via ARAN’s website to have your voice heard by the Irish government.