PETA Founder Says ‘We Are ALL Animals’ at Sold-Out London Event

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PETA members, supporters, and guests gathered at Kings Place in London for Ingrid Newkirk’s world speaking tour on Sunday. During her unique and thought-provoking talk “We Are All Animals”, our founder and managing director shared her perspective on humans’ relationship with the rest of the animal kingdom and explored the common characteristics that link various forms of discrimination.

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Ingrid also revealed why PETA’s motto reads, “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way”:

“Since its founding, PETA’s message has been that when it comes to feelings such as pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Some of us may have feathers, some of us may have fins, and some of us may have just the skin we were born in, but every living, feeling being deserves respect and understanding.”

She shared with the audience some recent victories achieved by PETA and our affiliates. A number of animal rescues – like those of Ben, Bogey, Lily, and other bears rescued from roadside zoos – were particularly heart-warming:

Following the talk, guests were treated to iconic sausage rolls donated by Greggs, delicious vegan canapés, and drinks, and they mingled while sharing their own inspiring stories of animal rights activism.

During the event, PETA also honoured some special guests:

Jenya Emets received a Compassionate Business Award for Cloud Twelve Club, the cruelty-free wellness centre she recently opened in London’s Notting Hill. It offers everything from hair, beauty, and massage treatments using only products that aren’t tested on animals to a vegan brasserie and a creative play zone and crèche for children. What a great example of a vegan, cruelty-free business!

Our second Compassionate Business Award went to Plant Based Newsa one-stop shop for vegan news. Its co-founder Robbie Lockie was there to receive the award and speak about the importance of spreading the animal rights message online. If you’re not following Plant Based News already, it’s time to start!

We also presented a Compassionate Chef Award to Michelin-starred restaurateur Alexis Gauthier. He used to offer foie gras at his London hotspot, Gauthier Soho, but in 2015, he had a change of heart, removed the dish from his menu, and decided to offer a special plant-based menu for World Vegan Month. It proved so popular that he made it a permanent feature – and now that Alexis himself has gone vegan, the restaurant is to become completely vegan, too. He has also created a charming vegan cookbook for children called Don’t Eat Me. We’re sure other chefs will follow his inspirational example.

Attendees were entered into a raffle for a chance to win some fantastic vegan prizes kindly donated by Will’s Vegan Shoes, LaBante, Alexandra K, and Cloud Twelve Club.

We’re very grateful to PETA Business Friends Trevor Sorbie, Yes To, Dr Botanicals, Viegan, Beyond Skin, Lifestyle International, and Wilby, which donated goody-bag gifts for our guests and supporters.

Each guest went home inspired to carry on making the UK a kinder place for animals. The event was a reminder that no matter how different we look, we are all animals. Inside every body there’s a person – an individual we should treat with respect and kindness.

The easiest way to stand up to speciesism and speak up for animals is simply to leave them off our plates and out of our wardrobes. To start your vegan journey today, take PETA’s 30-day vegan pledge:

To get involved in our demos and campaigns, join our Action Team:

If you’re interested in PETA’s Business Friends programme, find out how your enterprise can help create a more compassionate future: