PETA ‘Snake’ Screams at Louis Vuitton

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Behind every snakeskin bag and shoe is a vulnerable animal who felt pain and fear and didn’t want to die. That’s why our “snake” was screaming outside Louis Vuitton’s store in London today.

Snakes don’t scream in the way humans do, but if they could, it would be an agonised, heartbreaking sound. Watch here for yourself what happens to snakes who are turned into accessories:

A recently released PETA Asia investigation into Indonesian slaughterhouses that supply snakes’ skins for Louis Vuitton’s owner LVMH revealed horrific cruelty to animals, as workers bashed pythons repeatedly on the head with hammers, suspended them by ropes to gantries, and rammed hoses into their mouths to inflate them with water. Footage showed at least one snake’s tail moving while a worker cut the animal’s skin with a razorblade.

Snakes Scream Silently

The reptile expert who watched the footage confirmed that it is probable that the pythons were “conscious across all stages” of the attempted slaughter process. Because of snakes’ unique physiology, it can take some individuals anywhere from hours to weeks to die after workers’ barbaric slaughter methods. That means that many of the snakes were most likely alive as workers flayed and disembowelled them.

And did that hurt? Of course it did. Reptiles, just like mammals, are sensitive to pain, yet they are frequently mutilated without any prior stunning or painkillers.

This ‘Fashion’ Is Fuelling a Future Pandemic

Conservation experts have warned that the practices of the exotic-skins industry increase the risk of future epidemics, as the wild animals it uses are typically confined and slaughtered in filthy conditions – just as they are in live-animal markets – creating a breeding ground for pathogens similar to the novel coronavirus.

Speak Up for Snakes

We are demanding that LVMH, the owner of Louis Vuitton, ban exotic skins, as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera, and other designers have already done. The future of fashion is cruelty-free, and they are leading the way – LVMH needs to catch up.