PETA Submits Complaint Over Ireland’s National Dairy Council Ads

Posted by on November 14, 2017 | Permalink

PETA has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) about a bizarre campaign by the National Dairy Council which presents cows’ milk as “plant-based”. These advertisements appear to be a deliberate attempt to mislead consumers by an industry panicking at the growing popularity of plant milks.

The ads suggest that cows’ milk can be classified as “plant-based” because a cow’s diet typically includes grass. In reality, cows’ milk is the product of an industry that abuses animals by tearing their babies away from them – likely to be exported overseas and sold to the veal industry – so that humans can drink the milk intended for these calves.

As well as posters and billboards making the “plant-based” claim, the campaign also includes a cringe-worthy video in which a child scolds a woman for trying to order a “nut milk latte”. In addition to being confusing (exactly which “nut milk” is she referring to? Almond? Cashew? Hazelnut?), this video appears to be in breach of the ASAI’s guidelines, as it portrays people trying to make healthy lifestyle choices in a negative manner.

In a particularly desperate bid to appeal to young people – who are at the forefront of the global move to ditch dairy – the campaign includes the launch of a pop-up café in Dublin with “special selfie areas” and “Farm Inspired” art. The National Dairy Council will likely be disappointed to learn that cheap gimmicks aren’t going to persuade people to overlook the negative impact that dairy “products” have on their health, the environment, and above all, animals.

What You Can Do

A huge number of consumers have already complained about the campaign, leading the ASAI to publish a notice stating that no further complaints are necessary. However, it’s still possible to make a submission on their website. Feel free to use PETA’s complaint as a template.

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