PETA to Jeremy Clarkson: Put the Brakes on Peppercorn Steaks and Go Vegan

Posted by on March 19, 2015 | Permalink

After a stressful day at work, all most of us want to do is chow down on a hearty dinner and put our feet up – and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is no exception. That’s why, following the highly publicised bust-up between the host and a member of the show’s production team (allegedly because Clarkson was unable to order a steak after a day of filming), PETA has reached out to offer the motorhead some healthy advice.

PETA Ferrari

We wrote to the presenter to say that we may not be able to provide a cure for road rage but that meat rage is definitely treatable. By ditching meat and opting for a plant-based diet, Clarkson would get all the protein and other nutrients that he needs without all the artery-clogging saturated fats and cholesterol found in meat and dairy products, thereby reducing his risk of heart disease. Vegan eating will also jump-start your performance in the bedroom and provide the kind of high-powered fuel that forestalls a physical breakdown. And if you’re worried because your stomach is bulging over your trousers, plant-based diets can also help to take some weight off. We even enclosed a copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit for Clarkson as a manual to help him on the road to good health.

If you want to fuel yourself with the right stuff, reduce your carbon footprint and not let your meat rage get the better of you, why not cut out the meat and sign our 30-day vegan pledge? A car can’t run when the motor is filled with gunk, and going vegan is better for animals and for you!