PETA Wants the Dorset Village of Wool Change Its Name – but to What?

Posted by on November 22, 2018 | Permalink

PETA sent a letter to Wool Parish Council with an unusual request: change the name of the Dorset village to “Vegan Wool”. The suggestion follows the release of two PETA Asia investigations revealing rampant, systemic cruelty to sheep in the British wool industry.

The name change would raise awareness of the many animal- and Earth-friendly vegan alternatives to wool available today, from hemp and coconut fibres treated with enzymes extracted from the oyster mushroom to organic cotton, bamboo, and even banana bark. PETA is happy to provide any household in the village that requests one with a cosy cruelty-free blanket if the change is implemented.

Changing Wool’s name to “Vegan Wool” would not only inspire local people to seek out cruelty-free clothing but also show a little compassion for the sheep who are torn apart for wool.

Video footage from the investigations shows shearers stamping and standing on sheep’s heads, punching them in the face, and hitting them over the head with electric clippers and hammers.

Shearers left large, bloody wounds on sheep’s bodies as a result of fast, rough shearing and stitched up gaping wounds with a needle and thread but no pain relief.

We’re always looking for creative ways to make people aware that gentle, sensitive sheep are suffering in the wool industry. Sheep’s wool, just like foxes’ fur, is not a “fabric”, and it doesn’t belong to us – it had an owner who was violently robbed of it. With warm cruelty-free fabrics readily available, it’s easier than ever to ditch wool and other animal-derived materials. We hope Wool Parish Council will take us up on this opportunity to spread this important message.

What You Can Do
Whether the village changes its name or not, never buy wool – and please tell your friends to follow your example.

Whenever animals are viewed as a collection of body parts and their fear and pain are ignored, we must raise our voices and use our consumer clout to stop the abuse. Please, join us in urging boohoo to ban wool.