“It’s Total Bollocks” – Pete Doherty Slams The Kooples for Using Fur

Posted by on March 17, 2016 | Permalink

Superstar Pete Doherty once designed a collection for French fashion brand The Kooples, but that was before he knew about the cruelty involved in the fur industry.

 Pete Doherty Joins PETA Campaign Against Fur

The Libertines’ frontman has now slammed the brand for selling items made from the skins of raccoons, foxes and other animals. He sent the company a letter on behalf of PETA calling for it to go completely fur-free and commit to not using the skins of murdered animals in future collections, writing:

“Not much shocks me anymore, but PETA’s undercover video exposé shot on fur farms did – it shook me to the core. It’s obvious that these animals’ entire lives are filled with torture …. And all for fashion? It’s total bollocks”.

We celebrated earlier this year when The Kooples dropped angora wool after receiving a barrage of phone calls from compassionate people, but unfortunately, its racks are still lined with fur garments.

On fur farms, animals are subjected to horrendous cruelty. They’re usually kept inside tiny wire cages, unable to socialise or do anything that comes naturally to them until they go mad from confinement. Since fur farmers care only about the quality of pelts rather than animal welfare, animals are often killed in gas chambers or by anal electrocution. Animals like coyotes who are trapped in the wild often suffer for days in steel-jaw traps, desperately trying to escape before they’re bludgeoned to death or shot by a trapper.

Join us in calling on The Kooples to stop using cruel fur and, in the words of Pete himself, “show you give a toss about animal suffering by extending the ban on angora … to all animal fur”.