PETA Friend Peter Tatchell Urges Newly Out Matador to Turn Back on Bullfighting

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Following the recent coming out of Mario Alcalde, Spain’s first openly LGBTQ+ matador, animal ally and PETA friend Peter Tatchell sent a letter to Alcalde. He implores the bullfighter to see the obvious parallels between the oppression of LGBTQ+ people and that of animals and to take a stand against the cruelty inherent in the bullfighting industry.

“Bullfighting is the ritualised killing of innocent animals, who have no choice but to enter the ring. They stand no chance of coming out alive. It is the killing of living, feeling beings for entertainment and pleasure. … Our LGBT+ community has long fought against oppression and injustice. … Not only is torturing animals to death in a bullring morally indefensible, it also flies in the face of the altruistic values we stand for as a community.”

– Peter Tatchell

Archaic Spectacle

Every year, thousands of bulls are tormented and slaughtered in bullrings around the world. They are repeatedly speared and stabbed until – suffering from painful injuries and exhausted from blood loss – they are killed by a sword to the heart or a knife to the spine.

Matadors may even cut off a bull’s ears or tail as a trophy, sometimes while the animal is still conscious.

What You Can Do

  • Push for legislative change by signing petitions and supporting initiatives that challenge the legality of bullfighting. In Spain, animal advocates are gathering signatures for the popular legislative initiative #NoEsMiCultura. If successful, the initiative would strike down Law 18/2013, which regulates and protects bullfighting in Spain as cultural heritage.
  • Refuse to attend bullfights or participate in any events that promote cruelty to animals.
  • Please also sign our petition to the prime minister of Spain calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs: