PETA Submits Over 100,000-Strong Petition Against Tests on Animals

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Today, on World Day for Animals in Laboratories, PETA has submitted a 111,000-strong petition against tests on animals to the government in a way that officials can’t ignore.

Our “beagle” – covered with all the signatures – represents all the animals who are tormented and killed in UK laboratories.

Thank you to all our supporters who have participated in this campaign and added their name to this vital petition. We are calling on the government to implement a policy that mandates an end to animal experimentation and provides a clear strategy and timeline for achieving this goal.

Beagles and Other Animals Are Going Through Hell in UK Laboratories

Beagles are often used in experiments because of their sweet disposition, and these sensitive dogs may be force-fed pesticides.

The qualities that make these gentle, eager-to-please beagles great companions also make them animal experimenters’ preferred victims.PETA US

Rabbits’ skin may be burned with chemicals, horses’ blood may be drained with needles, and millions of other animals may be poisoned, deliberately infected with diseases, paralysed, electrocuted, or tormented in other horrific ways.

Animals do not deserve to suffer behind the closed doors of laboratories at the hands of people who treat them as test tubes with whiskers, paws, or fins.

They don’t want to be drugged, gassed, discarded, or cut up for “science”. Their overwhelming natural instincts are to be free and to protect their own lives.

It’s Time for the Research Modernisation Deal!

Instead of wasting millions of pounds on tests that produce dubious results, we must shift to advanced animal-free research that is actually relevant to humans.

PETA’s Research Modernisation Deal provides a detailed strategy for ending experiments on animals and replacing them with humane and human-relevant alternatives, including treatments that use patient-derived and donated stem cells, human genome information, advanced computer modelling, and human organs–on-a-chip.

Animals in Laboratories STILL Need Your Help

If you haven’t yet taken part in our campaign, do it today. Urge the government to move away from archaic tests and embrace science relevant to the 21st century. Sign our petition to support PETA’s Research Modernisation Deal:

Please keep taking action for animals in laboratories until every cage is empty and every animal is free from exploitation. Join in these campaigns today: