Swedish Kids Ask Government to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

Posted by on December 4, 2016 | Permalink

Children gathered in Stockholm to show the Swedish government that they don’t want to see animals used and abused for entertainment.


The children, joined by members of PETA and Swedish animal-protection group Djurens Rätt, hand-delivered our petition with over 20,000 signatures calling for a complete ban on wild-animal circuses. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition!

Wild animals in circuses lead a sad and lonely life. They’re forced to perform tricks under the threat of being beaten, whipped, or shocked with an electric prod. When they’re not performing, they’re confined to cages or boxcars, where their natural behaviour is suppressed. It’s not surprising that many of them suffer from psychological disorders as well as chronic health problems.

Our petition comes at a crucial time, as Swedish politicians are reviewing the country’s animal-welfare laws and considering whether to extend existing restrictions on using animals in circuses to include all species of wild animals.

Seven out of 10 Swedes say they want their country to end these cruel spectacles and follow the example of other nations – including Austria, Mexico, and the Netherlands – that have already made the compassionate decision to ban all wild-animal acts. There is real momentum for change – and we hope the government will listen.

Sadly, the UK is still lagging behind in outlawing cruel animal performances. Please help change this situation by asking Prime Minister Theresa May to ban wild-animal circuses: