The Despair in These Pigs’ Eyes Is Enough to Make Anyone Rethink Eating Bacon

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In the UK, many of us have only a vague idea about where our food comes from.

The huge industrial farms where animals spend their entire lives are usually out of sight – and out of mind for many people who grab pre-packaged bacon or chops from the supermarket without considering who they’re really eating.

One activist wanted to help people understand the reality of factory farming.

One night, he sneaked onto a pig farm with his camera to bear witness to these animals’ lives. Here’s what he found, in his own words and images.

Sad pig face

“We could not bear to remain in the small room for very long at all as the air was thick with ammonia. The stench was outrageous. The camera lens rapidly fogged due to the humidity, and the pigs shared the room with hundreds of black flies. This was sickening abuse. Within minutes of having been in this room my throat began to hurt and I developed cold symptoms, which lasted nearly two days.”

Caged piglets

“The animals are kept in sickeningly cruel conditions, with not an ounce of straw to be seen anywhere – only bare, hard floors in dark over-crowded sheds.”

UK pig farm

Pigs in pens“Home is a tiny cage for each of these non-human people. There is insufficient room for them to even turn around.”

Pigs in crates“Many pigs displayed multiple long scratches over their bodies.”

PIg close-up

“The farm, by the way, is a Red Tractor approved farm, despite the deplorable conditions.”

Pig mother

“I’m glad I didn’t have the misfortune to be born a factory farmed pig. This is how they spend their lives; in filthy overcrowded pens within dark sheds.”

Single sick pig


On UK factory farms, docking pigs’ tails, grinding down their sensitive teeth and confining them to tiny farrowing crates is standard practice. It’s perfectly normal for animals to spend their entire lives crammed into filthy enclosures without ever seeing daylight – except, perhaps, from the windows of the lorry as they’re transported to slaughter.

Pigs are more intelligent than dogs. When you look at their faces, it’s as if they know they have nothing to look forward to. As soon as they grow big enough – reaching what, in the industry, is known as “slaughter weight” – they’ll be sent to an abattoir to have their throats cut and their bodies dismembered in order to be sold in a supermarket aisle or butcher’s counter.

Of course, we don’t have to support the hopeless and painful existence these animals are forced to endure. We can choose to eat other foods – ones that don’t cause animal suffering.

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All photos: © Pacificus

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