PHOTOS: Europe’s Largest-Ever Anti-Fur Protest Takes Over Oslo

Posted by on November 13, 2016 | Permalink

Thousands of compassionate Scandinavians took to the streets this weekend, holding candles and torches, to speak out against the cruel fur industry.


The annual rally – now in its 13th year – was organised by Norwegian group NOAH and saw more than 13,000 people march in Oslo and 23 other Norwegian cities to protest against fur. Many PETA supporters were also there to help spread the fur-free message!


Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are some of the largest fur producers in Europe. Intense suffering has been exposed on fur farms in these countries time and time again – most recently, in a series of disturbing images showing minks with huge open wounds on farms in western Norway.

Fur farming is inherently unethical. Animals used for their fur are confined for their entire lives to small, restrictive cages, until they are bludgeoned, electrocuted, or gassed so that their skins can be sold.

As this protest shows, many Norwegians are appalled that this cruelty is permitted in their country, and there is huge public support for a ban on fur farming. At the same time, fur farms are being forced to close down because of appalling animal-welfare violations. It’s clear that this barbaric industry’s days are numbered.

Help Oppose the Cruel Fur Trade

  • Speak out if you ever see a shop selling real fur. Here’s a template letter you can send to the manager.
  • Hand out anti-fur leaflets in your local area. E-mail [email protected] if you’d like us to send you some.
  • Sign our action alerts urging Sweden and Ireland to ban fur farming.