PHOTOS: Protesters Take Sheep’s Side at Wool Week

Posted by on October 5, 2015 | Permalink

The wool industry isn’t good for animals. Numerous investigations showing how sheep are mutilated, cut, kicked, punched and slaughtered on wool farms around the world have made that painfully clear.

Today is the first day of Wool Week, the wool industry’s annual public relations push, and the organisers sought to gain publicity by bringing a flock of bewildered sheep to busy shopping street Savile Row in central London.

A trio of compassionate PETA supporters also turned up to make sure that the sheep’s perspective was represented.

PETA protest on Savile RoW Sheep suffer for wool

As winter approaches, it’s easy to find cosy clothes that were made without harming any animals. When you’re out shopping, please check the label before you buy – if it says “wool”, leave it on the shelf.

Learn more about how sheep suffer for wool: