Photos: Vegan Fashion Revolution Hits London Fashion Week

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As London celebrates 40 years of punk, PETA activists showed up at the opening of London Fashion Week urging designers to get behind the next style revolution – fashion that doesn’t harm animals.


In edgy outfits made from 100 per cent vegan fabrics – including tough-looking faux leather, floaty tulle, and in-your-face tartan – four women channelled the punk movement’s straight-talking attitude with signs that read, “Fur Is Dead”, “Leather Is Dead”, and “Wool Is Dead”.

The protest turned heads and attracted a huge crowd outside London Fashion Week’s headquarters on Brewer Street, drawing attention to the cruelty inherent in killing animals for their skin or fur or exploiting them for their wool. At the same time, it showcased how easy it is to create any look you want using innovative vegan materials.

Many people have no idea about how animals are treated in the leather and wool industries. In major leather-producing countries such as Bangladesh, emaciated, injured cows are often transported thousands of miles before ending up in illegal slaughterhouses where their throats are slit without any prior stunning. And in shearing sheds around the world, sheep are cut, kicked, and punched by impatient shearers – sometimes dying in the process.

London Fashion Week Vegan ProtestGet the cruelty-free look.

Embrace your inner vegan punk and dress to impress in faux leather and tartan.


Chloe wears:


Jacqueline wears:


Anna wears:

Daryna wears:

Many thanks to stylist Kristine Kilty and makeup artist Kelly Sadler for their help in creating these fabulous looks!

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