Great News! Portuguese Public Television Will Not Air Bullfights This Year

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We applaud the decision of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) not to air bullfights this year. According to its new broadcasting contract, the contents of the channel must ensure “respect for the welfare of animals” – which is clearly incompatible with bullfighting. This move by the Portuguese broadcaster is an indication that times have changed and people no longer find such violence towards animals acceptable. It puts another nail in the coffin of the disgusting bullfighting industry.

Never Attend a Bullfight

Supporting bullfighting means supporting animal abuse – inside and outside the . The majority of responders to a recent poll in Portugal said they have a negative opinion of bullfights and don’t attend them.

Tourism is one of the industry’s main lifelines, allowing these abhorrent spectacles to continue.

When in Portugal, don’t be fooled by its “bloodless” bullfights. Even though the bulls aren’t killed in front of the audience in these fights, the magnificent animals are still taunted, tormented, and attacked with banderillos. Their tails are twisted and yanked, they’re wrestled, and their horns are grabbed. When they’re exhausted and no longer deemed “useful”, the abused animals are sent to the abattoir, where their throats are slit.

Just like regular bullfights, “bloodless” bullfights glorify tormenting animals. Most visitors who witness this cruelty never want to see a bullfight again, but by that point, the money has been paid and the damage is done. The compassionate choice is to stay away from these barbaric events and any other exploitative form of entertainment for which an animal is forced to perform.

Bulls Need Your Help

Bullfights are a grotesque celebration of cruelty to animals. They belong in history books, not on TV screens. Urge the largest telecommunications brand in Spain – Telefónica-owned Movistar+ – to follow the example of Portuguese broadcasters and refuse to air bullfights.