Progress! Wales Announces Plans to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

Posted by on February 16, 2018 | Permalink

Wales took another step towards outlawing cruel wild-animal circuses this week as Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths announced that she was “exploring opportunities” to introduce a ban. Her statement follows a public consultation last September which found that the majority of respondents – including many PETA supporters – were in favour of a ban.

Wild animals should be free, not held captive in circuses and carted up and down the country in barren trailers. Circus trainers bully animals into performing confusing tricks against their will and often beat them into submission if they don’t obey. With no opportunity to engage in their natural behaviour, they frequently develop chronic health problems and psychological disorders – and many die prematurely.

If the ban goes ahead, Wales will join a long list of countries around the world – including Ireland and Scotland – that have already introduced bans or have plans to do so. A separate government consultation on mobile animal exhibits will take place in Wales later this year.

What You Can Do

While Wales is making progress on this issue, England is lagging behind. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove has suggested that he intends to implement a ban, but he has yet to take any meaningful action. Please contact Mr Gove now and urge him to introduce a ban immediately: