Great News! Welsh Government Bans Snares and Glue Traps

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The Welsh government has taken an important step forward and announced it will ban cruel snares and glue traps.

Snares and glue traps are inhumane, indiscriminate killers, and everyone at PETA welcomes this important progress for animals.

What Are Snares and Glue Traps?

Snares consist of a wire noose, which may tighten when an animal becomes trapped in it and struggles. Traps and snares are routinely set in “game”-shooting areas and on estates like Sandringham in a crude attempt to catch predatory animals who might steal eggs or kill young pheasants before human hunters get a chance to.

Only certain types of snares are legal, but illegal ones are still in use. The law is poorly enforced and has no teeth, meaning thousands of animals are mercilessly caught and killed every year with no consequences for those who set the traps.

Glue traps – also known as glue boards or sticky boards – are usually made of plastic trays or sheets of cardboard covered with extremely strong glue. Mice, rats, and other animals who walk onto the glue instantly become stuck and are powerless to free themselves. They are the cruellest form of rodent control.

How to Help Animals Stuck in Glue Traps

Animals caught in these crude devices endure a slow and painful death, often from hunger, dehydration, or exposure after days of prolonged suffering.

If you find an animal stuck in a glue trap, please see our guide to find out how to help them.

How PETA Has Opposed Snares

PETA previously joined forces with other UK animal protection groups in signing an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to ban the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of these archaic contraptions immediately.

We have also urged Prince Charles – who condones the use of snare traps on the Sandringham estate – to bring his actions in line with his public commitment to protecting the natural world and remove these devices from Sandringham.

Will England or Scotland Be Next to Enforce a Ban?

The Welsh government has shown that a ban is possible. England and Scotland can and should follow its example.

A private members’ bill proposing a ban on glue traps is due for a second reading in Westminster on 19 November, and the UK government has promised to hold a call for evidence on the use of snares in response to a petition, supported by PETA, calling for a ban.

The Scottish Animal Welfare Commission reviewed the use of glue traps in March 2021 and recommended a total ban on their sale. Although a restriction on sales was supported by the previous government, still no action has been taken. Snaring is legal in Scotland with no proposed move to ban it.

Now is the time to act and urge these governments to ban glue traps and snares.

Please join us in urging DEFRA and the Scottish government to ban these merciless contraptions immediately by taking to social media:

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Stop animal suffering – follow the example set by the Welsh government and ban snares and glue traps immediately! #StopSnares #GetRidOfGlueTraps

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