This Touching Memorial for a Rabbit Just Appeared Outside a Shop That Sells Fur

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Most animals, unless they’re a beloved family companion, don’t get funerals – especially not those killed for their skins in the global fashion industry. Fur farmers, angora producers and leather manufacturers would far rather their victims remained out of sight, far from the minds of shoppers.

But a group of PETA supporters decided to bring one of these animals out from the shadows by giving her a name and putting up a memorial to mourn her death at the hands of the fashion industry.


The shrine to “Ruby” appeared on London shopping destination Carnaby Street and included flowers, candles and a condolence book in which passers-by could write a tribute to this victim of the fashion industry.




Ruby represents the millions of animals who are killed for their skins every year, usually after spending their entire lives in a cramped, filthy wire cage on a fur farm.

Why here? The location of the memorial is no coincidence – it’s directly opposite a branch of French fashion brand The Kooples, which sells items made from the fur of animals just like Ruby. Its range this season includes coats trimmed with raccoon fur, hats made out of rabbit “felt” or skin, and cardigans containing angora wool, which is often produced by ripping the hair from live rabbits’ skin as they scream in pain.


Most stores in the UK, from Topshop to Stella McCartney, refuse to use these cruelly produced fabrics. By continuing to profit from animals’ pain, The Kooples is showing a shocking lack of ethics and flying in the face of consumer opinion.

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