Rafferty Law Follows Parents’ Lead With New Anti-Fur Campaign for PETA

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With his ankle caught in a “blood-soaked” steel trap, model, musician, and lifelong vegetarian Rafferty Law – son of PETA supporters Jude Law and Sadie Frost – stars in a new PETA ad campaign that proclaims, “Canada Goose – When Fashion Gets Really Ugly. Don’t buy Canada Goose cruelty.”

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Rafferty expressed his concern about the cruelty involved in the production of the company’s fur-trimmed jackets:

I was disgusted when I learned that Canada Goose coats are trimmed with coyote fur. There’s so much we can buy and wear that doesn’t involve animal suffering. There’s just no excuse for killing animals for fashion.

Born Free USA

Coyotes trapped for Canada Goose’s fur trim can legally suffer with a broken leg, lacerations, or haemorrhages for up to 72 hours before trappers return – and this practice is consistent with the company’s trapping standards. Trapped mother coyotes desperate to get back to their starving pups have tried to chew through their own legs to escape, and many trapped animals succumb to the elements, blood loss, infection, or attacks by predators before trappers return to kill them.


Geese used for the down stuffed into Canada Goose jackets are shipped in all weather extremes to abattoirs, where their throats are cut and their bodies dunked into defeathering tanks.

As part of the campaign, Rafferty also posed in a PETA US T-shirt reading, “#CanadaGooseKills”, sales of which raise vital funds to help the group continue its work to shut down the fur trade and other abusive industries.

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Rafferty comes from a family of proud anti-fur activists: his mum appeared in PETA’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, starring in an ad stating, “Turn Your Back on Fur,” while his dad sent a letter on behalf of PETA urging the World Trade Organization to uphold the EU ban on seal-fur imports – which it did.

What You Can Do

As winter approaches, you’ll probably see people wearing Canada Goose jackets. Many people don’t realise that animals endure a terrifying and agonising death for the brand’s fur trim and down-feather fillers, so please spread the word by giving out PETA’s free Canada Goose stickers and leaflets at every opportunity.

Together, we’ll make sure that the exploitation of animals in the name of fashion is consigned to the history books. Tell Canada Goose to stop tormenting coyotes and birds:

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To stay informed about future demonstrations against Canada Goose and to get involved in speaking out for animals in other ways, join our Action Team: