5 Heart-Warming Rescue Stories to Lift Your Spirits

Posted by on April 28, 2020 | Permalink

As we’re all grappling with the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, reading the news can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve collated these rescue stories for you – each one a testament to what can happen when compassionate people work together.

Britches the Macaque

For his first five weeks of life, Britches the stump-tailed macaque knew nothing but isolation and darkness.

Each new day was as dark and hopeless as the last – until the night that a team of rescuers silently entered the laboratory where he was being held, opened his cage door, and took him away from that horrific place forever.

Andie the Dog

When PETA US fieldworkers rescued Andie, she was a tiny 10-week-old puppy living amid piles of junk and litter and tethered to a concrete block by a heavy logging chain that weighed more than she did.

Now, she spends her days carrying her favourite alligator cuddly toy around everywhere she goes, snuggling on the couch with her human guardians, and hanging out with her feline siblings, Apollo and Artemis.

Lucky the Chicken

Lucky didn’t start life with much luck. Born on a factory farm, she was destined to be one of the billions of chickens killed for their flesh.

She had already been crammed onto an abattoir-bound lorry and was being transported down a motorway in the US state of Washington on what would have been the last day of her life when things suddenly took a turn for the better.

Luna the Tiger

Luna was bred by Tiger King‘s notorious Joe Exotic, dragged into photo ops, slammed to the ground, and even smacked around.

Now, watch her roll around in the snow at her new home after being rescued by PETA US.

Ben the Bear

After a long and hard-fought battle, Ben the bear was rescued from a roadside zoo in the US and will live out the rest of his days at a beautiful accredited wildlife sanctuary in northern California.

What You Can Do

These five rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings remind us all just how much our choices matter – and how much good we can do, even when we feel powerless.

Having to stay indoors doesn’t mean we have to stop speaking up for animals – especially given how much power our actions hold to make someone else’s life better. Now is the ideal time to work towards a better world for ourselves and other animals.