Ricky Gervais and Morrissey Denounce the Lion Killer, Melissa Bachman

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Looking perversely pleased with herself as she posed for a photo over the corpse of the beautiful lion she had just killed in cold blood, the hunter Melissa Bachman has sparked understandable outrage.

To quote PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi:

Hunting is cruel and completely devoid of sportsmanship. It takes no courage or character to stalk and kill trapped animals. … Maybe the public backlash against her revolting photos will help Bachman realise that dressing up like a Lara Croft wannabe, slaughtering wildlife and then posing for photos does not make her a strong and powerful woman but, in fact, quite the opposite. Real strength lies in protecting those who are weaker than oneself.

Comedian Ricky Gervais also made his views known on Twitter, combining his characteristic sarcasm with a genuine sense of outrage:


Compassionate superstar Morrissey admitted that the disturbing photograph of Bachman next to her victim left him “tearful”, and he lashed out against anyone who regards killing animals as a “sport”, from bloodsport aficionado David Cameron to bear-shooting Sarah Palin, and also took a dig at Princess Anne for her extraordinary recommendation last week that we should all start eating horses.

Morrissey’s memorable media statement goes on to take an even wider perspective on the treatment of animals in our society. With devastating clarity, he reflects:

In lordly London, a proudly moral statue stands on Park Lane. It honors animals that “served” during the war, boldly telling us They Had No Choice.

There is no statue that states: ANIMALS IN ABATTOIRS – THEY HAVE NO CHOICE.

These stirring words are a powerful reminder that we do have a choice. We don’t need to feed on the flesh of animals, whether they were felled with a shotgun or dismembered in the slaughterhouse. We can choose to stand against bloodshed and killing: PETA.org.uk/pledge.