Will This Block of Tofu Appear on a Royal Mail Stamp?

Posted by on May 18, 2020 | Permalink

As an increasing number of Brits are posting letters to family and friends, PETA is urging the Royal Mail to create a special-edition stamp featuring a block of tofu along with the message, “Tofu Never Caused a Pandemic.”

In a letter to the postal service, the group points out that the light-hearted stamp could help convey a serious message about the dangers of farming and consuming animals.

How Meat Causes Pandemics

Experts say that the outbreak originated in a wet market in Wuhan, China, where humans have direct contact with live animals and dead animal flesh.

The exploitation and slaughter of other living, feeling beings has led hundreds of thousands of us to be infected with a dangerous disease – and it’s not the first time.

According to Public Health England, “Many (60 to 80% [of]) emerging infections are derived from an animal source.” Filthy factory farms, abattoirs, and meat markets threaten the health of every human being on the planet by providing a breeding ground for deadly pathogens like the ones behind COVID-19, SARS, bird flu, and more.

The Future Is Vegan

The animal agriculture industry isn’t just responsible for deadly pandemics, it also causes other animals immense suffering and is destroying the planet.

There’s no way back at this point, but there is a way for us to prevent outbreaks like this one from happening again. Human mistreatment of animals is harming not only them but also us, and now is the time for each and every person to take responsibility for our part.

The link between outbreaks of diseases like COVID-19 and eating meat is undeniable – and the solution is clear: to prevent future pandemics, humans must stop abusing other animals and go vegan.