‘Spare the Bears’ Event – July 14 – London

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Bears are still being cruelly killed for The Queen’s Guards’ caps, and we desperately need your help in stopping this. We have an eye-catching, fun way for you to show your support for PETA’s campaign to save them!

On 14 July, we will be holding a 5k walk through some of central London’s most famous locations, and we need YOU and your teddy bear to join us. PETA aims to get as many people as possible to march through the streets of London for PETA’s “Spare the Bears” event. The dress code for the walk is all black, but you’re also welcome to dress up in a bear costume! It can take the entire hide of one Canadian black bear to make just one cap. Bears are often shot several times before they die, and some escape and bleed to death. In some Canadian provinces, there are no restrictions on the shooting of mothers who have nursing cubs, leading to the slaughter of entire families during hunts.

The bears are relying on us to send a clear message to the Ministry of Defence that the slaughter of wildlife for the guards’ ceremonial headwear is unacceptable and that the time has come for them to go fake for the bears’ sake. Don’t delay – register for the race today, and please let your friends, family and colleagues know about the event!

To register, visit our sign-up page and leave your details – we will be in touch throughout the run-up to the event.