‘Running of the Dinosaurs’: PETA Stages Protest Against Cruel Bull Runs

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PETA and AnimaNaturalis supporters in dinosaur costumes ran along the streets of the Spanish town of Pamplona – following the same route as the infamous Running of the Bulls – today, the day before the start of the Festival of San Fermín.

Why? To make the point that cruel exploits such as bull runs are so archaic they’re prehistoric! This vile event should go the way of the dinosaurs and a new, animal-free celebration be created. Tradition is never an excuse for cruelty.

Why Ban the Running of the Bulls?

The Running of the Bulls is part of a barbaric bloodbath that takes place every summer during the Festival of San Fermín. This year, 42 terrified young bulls will be chased through the streets by a mob of people to the bullring.


Many of the tourists who take part in the festival don’t realise that the same bulls will later be stabbed to death in the bullring.

Bulls are sentient beings with unique personalities who form complex social bonds. They shouldn’t be tortured for laughs in this heinous spectacle. We are calling for the festival to reinvent itself by featuring fun, non-violent activities instead.

Bull lying bleeding after bullfight© Lisa Markulla

Bulls Need Your Help Now

More than 125 Spanish towns and cities have rejected the torment and butchering of bulls for entertainment, and bullfighting has seen a 42% decrease in Spain since 2019.

PETA has offered Pamplona’s mayor €298,000 to cancel the annual Running of the Bulls – an offer that still stands.

Please join us in urging Pamplona’s mayor to take action and relegate this bloodbath to the history books, where it belongs.