Prince Charles, Stop Using Vile Snare Traps at Sandringham

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Sandringham Estate is using barbaric snare traps to kill foxes, weasels, squirrels, and rabbits, all to ensure there are enough pheasants on the estate to shoot for some twisted sense of fun. As well as causing immense suffering to the species the traps are intended for, any animal can be caught in them and suffer a slow and painful death.

Will you join PETA in asking Sandringham to stop using these barbaric devices?

Local Dog and Owl Became Trapped

In January, a local dog became entangled in a snare trap on the Sandringham Estate. She suffered for hours and could easily have died. A little owl was also caught and fatally wounded at the end of last year. After hearing that these inhumane traps are being used at Sandringham, we rushed a letter to Prince Charles, who manages the estate, demanding that these hideous animal-maiming deceives be removed immediately.

These barbaric devices maim and kill animals indiscriminately. Up to two-thirds of animals caught by snares are not the intended species. And of course, any victim of them can die a slow, terrifying death as they struggle to escape.

The estate must protect all animals by removing the deadly traps.

How Does a Snare Trap Work?

Traps and snares are routinely set in game-shooting areas in a crude attempt to catch predators who would steal eggs or kill the young pheasants the hunters wish to shoot.

The UK is one of only five European countries that still allow snaring, primarily to protect the lucrative shooting industry. Only certain types of snares are legal, but illegal ones are still in use and the law is poorly enforced, meaning thousands of animals are mercilessly caught and killed every year. Snares consist of a wire noose which may tighten when the trapped animal struggles. All snares are unnecessary, dangerous, and cruel.

In their desperate attempts to escape, animals may be strangled or sustain horrible and sometimes life-threatening injuries. So extreme is their distress that animals have been known to chew their own legs off to free themselves.

Tell Sandringham Estate to Remove All Traps

The British public oppose the use of snares – 77% of Britons want them to be banned. Prince Charles must bring his actions in line with his public commitment to protect the natural world and remove these contraptions from Sandringham immediately.

Send a message to Sandringham Estate asking it to stop using the vile traps:

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