Scotland’s Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses – Let’s Make History

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Urge Scotland to ban wild animal circuses foreverUPDATE: The public consultation has now closed. We’ll keep you posted about further developments so watch this space.

Scotland is considering introducing a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses – but we need your help to make sure that it happens.

The Scottish government wants your views on the issue and has launched a public consultation. It’s vital to make sure politicians get the message that all compassionate people are against locking up elephants, tigers, zebras and other animals and forcing them to perform absurd tricks in the name of “entertainment”.

Will you take 10 minutes right now to speak up for animals and respond to the consultation?

Here’s the link to submit your views on the Scottish government’s website:

England and Wales are on the brink of banning wild animals in circuses, and exploiting wild animals in this way is already illegal in Belgium, Colombia, Cyprus and other countries. Let’s make history by ensuring that Scotland does the same.

This is our chance to make a lasting difference for animals. The consultation closes on Wednesday, 16 April, so please make your voice heard before then.

Image: “Circus 9-03” by ~Pawsitive~Candie_N / CC BY 2.0