We Served Strawberries and Vegan Cream to the Crowd at Wimbledon

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Decked out in strawberry-print 1950s-style swimsuits, PETA activists handed out cups of strawberries and vegan cream to the crowds queuing for Wimbledon on Monday.

The tennis fans loved our vegan version of the classic Wimbledon snack, which helped prove that there are delicious plant-based alternatives to every dairy-based food you can think of.

Cows in the dairy industry are treated like milk-producing machines. Their calves are taken away from them at just 1 day old, causing grief and anguish to both mother and calf – all so that humans can consume their milk. This cycle of abuse continues for a few years until their bodies are worn out and can no longer produce such high volumes of milk, and then they’re sent to the abattoir.

Thankfully, you can enjoy plant-based milk, cream, cheese, and even ice cream! As more and more people are adopting a vegan diet, the supermarket shelves are filling up with tasty dairy-free products for you to enjoy.

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Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals