7 Shocking Photos That Show What Will Happen to up to 400,000 Seals This Month

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Hearing about the Canadian seal slaughter, in which thousands of seals are beaten or shot and then skinned every year, is nothing like seeing it for yourself. The photos below show seals suffering at the hands of the greedy fur industry.

Even though there’s basically no market for seal pelts – now that the EU, the US and Russia have banned their importation – sealers will be allowed to kill up to 400,000 harp seals this year.

Don’t want to see the upsetting pictures? Go straight to our action alert to speak out against the slaughter here.

Warning: Graphic Images

Sea Shepherd CS Harp_seal_near_Sea_Shepherd_shipSea Shepherd Conservation Society

Seal Hunt & Watch 2009The Humane Society of the United States

Sea Shepherd CS Seal Hunt 2Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Images from the 2009 Seal Hunt & Watch.The Humane Society of the United States

Seal Hunt & Watch 2009DS

Sea Shepherd CS Seal Hunt `Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd CS Dead_seals_1Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The pictures are hard to look at, but we need to spread them far and wide in order to build the movement to stop this horrific bloodshed.

What You Can Do

As Canada prepares to celebrate its 150th birthday in 2017, it’s old enough to know better than to allow the barbaric trade to continue. Please sign our petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to put a stop to this cruelty.