Sickening Revelations: Army Admits to Blowing Up Live Pigs at Secret Base in Wiltshire

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Following Freedom of Information requests, it emerged today that the British Army conducts deadly, violent tests on live animals at its secret Porton Down military base in Wiltshire. In three years, 115 pigs were blasted with explosives in terrifying experiments to determine whether they could be saved after being subjected to “severe battlefield trauma” and to evaluate blood-clotting products.

This shocking revelation follows PETA’s release of exclusive photos showing pigs tied to a wooden frame and shot with rifles and handguns in cruel military training drills held in Denmark and callously known as “Danish bacon”, to which the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sends British surgeons each year.

Given that 23 of the UK’s 27 NATO allies do not use animals for military medical training, surely the UK can modernise its exercises and stop mutilating animals. After all, military experts have concluded that state-of-the-art, non-animal training methods actually provide better preparation for battle.

These tests are impossible to justify medically, ethically or educationally. Pigs are sensitive, sentient beings, who are more intelligent than dogs – not pieces of military equipment. They don’t wage wars and shouldn’t become victims of human war games.

The scale of the army’s animal victims is shocking. Altogether, the MoD massacred 28,000 animals in the last three years. This killing has got to stop.

NATO has recently announced that it is looking into replacing the use of live animals in military training. But for the sake of animals, there is no time to waste in banning these barbaric tests for good. Please take action by writing to the MoD today:

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Image: Jørn Stjerneklar